Refurnish Rather than Rebuild

Buying an old home or a fixer upper sounds like a good idea. The heart and intent are in the right places. It’s a romantic notion for a couple of newlyweds who move from the city to the countryside. Perhaps they found a particular plot of land with amazing views that has an older house on it. Maybe it was love at first sight at a house’s exterior, with an interior that needs work, that they tell themselves they can do over time, on the weekends.

The thought process of buying an old home is similar to using reclaimed furniture. However, buying an old home is often more idealistic than practical. The amount of rehabbing, retooling, and reconstruction that ends up needing to be done can make the reality of buying an old home feel like the 1980s comedy The Money Pit starring Tom Hanks. Furnishing a modern home, apartment, or condominium with reclaimed furniture on the other hand is equal parts practical and idealistic.

Many of us have binge watched at least one of the many home renovation shows on cable. It feels like a new season or a new series within that genre premieres each week. Before the first commercial break airs, who doesn’t want to take a sledgehammer to that wall to open up the living room? Unfortunately, in the real world we don’t have cable networks or home improvement stores bankrolling all the work and clean up that goes into rehabbing older properties into modern real estate marvels with rustic charm.

Refurnishing rooms with reclaimed furniture is much more pragmatic and much less expensive than renovating entire sections of a house. Why haggle with contractors and architects when you can call Barn XO anytime to customize an order to your liking? Getting a stylish new table for the kitchen, a new desk for the bedroom, or a bookcase for your office; all made from reclaimed materials that provide charm and character, is certainly less stressful than getting new piping, wiring, windows, flooring and so on.

While rehabbing an old home and reclaimed furniture are both ways to breath new life into classic materials, the difference in stress and expense levels makes the choice between the two, a no brainer. Barn XO allows you to bring that farmhouse charm into your home without requiring a series of permits from the town, county, and state. So rather than becoming a house flipper, watch the next marathon of house flipping shows on your TV placed on top of a new entertainment center from Barn XO.