Regenerate and Reclaim

In a previous article, we learned about how reclaimed furniture fits into upcycling. Upcycling is also known as creative reuse. Taking materials and transforming them into products that are of better quality and higher environmental value is at the center of upcycling, and at the heart of what we do at Barn XO. Reclaimed wood is one of our most commonly used materials. Reclaimed wood is a superior material to make furniture out of due to the majority of it being old growth lumber. 

Much like how old growth lumber is a big part of reclaimed furniture as a whole, upcycling is a big part of regenerative design culture. 

Regenerative design is not just another way of saying rustic decor. Regenerative design is a process oriented design approach that involves restoring, renewing, and revitalizing natural materials. The needs of the planet are put on equal footing with the needs of society. Much like with upcycling, reclaimed furniture is a real world example of this more macro eco friendly theory being practiced in everyday life.

At Barn XO, we utilize natural materials, that are no longer aesthetically pleasing for their original purpose.  The integrity of the materials is still in tact however. So we salvage and revitalize those natural materials to create a new product that is both of high quality and easy on the eyes. That process combined with a multi layered positive environmental impact are what reclaimed furniture and regenerative design are about.

Barn XO is proudly based the midwestern United States. Farms and barns are part of the built environment of the location we call home. We have a relationship with this place and want to give back to the area that has allowed our family to flourish. Renewing the old growth wood that makes up the century old barns in our community, to build premium quality furniture is how Barn XO contributes to regenerative design culture. 

However, we don’t just make products for the sake of being eco friendly. We make furniture that is sturdy and built to last. When you’re done reading this article and head over to the shop tab to look at our inventory, you can see with your own eyes how thick everything is. Barn XO builds furniture that you pass down, not the type that breaks down.