Grab Some Bench

As a family company, we know that sharing means caring. As much as we might like keeping some things to ourselves, it feels even better when we give to and share with others. Nothing quite symbolizes sharing like a bench. A seat that is designed to be shared.

In a previous article, we invited some of our fans who are yet to become customers to take a seat and join us. Our chairs and barstools made from reclaimed wood and metal, are superb entry level products for people seeking to join the reclaimed furniture movement. Buying sustainable products that have a positive environmental impact is a priority for a growing percentage of the population. 

The benefits of using reclaimed materials to make furniture and other products are invaluable. The process of making those products also require more time and effort as compared to ready-to-assemble furniture sold at big box stores. Crafting furniture, or really any product that is built to last, rather than built to be replaced, by it’s nature is going to have a higher list price. Sharing is caring however, so we wanted to highlight some of our premium items that are more economical for those who are not yet in the market for a sizable table or grand desk. 

Which brings us back to our exceptional benches. A great way to enter the reclaimed furniture movement. Barn XO offers seven different styles of benches, each available in nine different finishes. Benches have become an increasingly popular seating option as rustic decor has become the most popular interior design trend of this generation. 

Benches can seat multiple people while saving space compared to using multiple chairs. You may have been to beer halls, delis, pubs and/or casual diners and seen long, community style tables with benches for seating as opposed to chairs. This popular arrangement can be brought into your home today with Barn XO’s offerings. Both can be ordered with the same or complimentary finishes. 

If you aren’t yet in the market for one of our prime dining tables, you can order the bench(es) now and the table down the road. Since our furniture is all built to last for generations, you can rest assured that the bench(es) you order will still be in like new condition whenever you are ready to invest in a sustainably sourced, eco friendly, reclaimed wood table.