A Love of Barns

By now you know Barn XO is more than just a company, we’re a family. But that’s not all. Barn XO isn’t just a name picked from a list or algorithm. The main source of reclaimed wood that we build our furniture from, comes from barns. Being a midwestern family, we have a genuine appreciation and love of barns. 

Barns are the lifeblood of the Midwest. If you’ve ever driven through or flown over the central area of America, you’ve definitely seen vast amount of farm land. Barns are the backbones of these, seemingly state sized agricultural landscapes. These farms are hundreds of years old in many cases. Generation after generation of American families have used these barns to help tend to their livelihoods.

As time goes on, these barns go through the very definition of wear and tear. A century of standing tall through Midwest weather will wear anything down. Naturally these barns get replaced. But, just because the outside is worn out doesn’t mean what’s inside isn’t still invaluable. 

Our love of barns made us want to save as much of these Americana artifacts as possible. Our desire to build premium furniture like the original surprise present for our mom, gave us the reason to do so. The planks and support beams of these wooden structures are still superior to the standard materials that basic furniture from big box stores is made from. Our hearts were in the right place. That place also gave us an advantage over our competition.

After going through the reclamation process, the furniture that we are able to build is of the highest quality available. Whether big name brick and mortar stores or online boutiques, nobody can offer higher quality furniture than that made from reclaimed wood. Much like the barns themselves, the tables and desks made from them will last families and businesses for generations. A cradle to cradle cycle that warms our hearts to be apart of. 

A love of barns. A love of family. A love of building. A love of quality. Barn XO.