Barn XO is Built to Last

Barn XO is a family owned business, made in America, that ships it’s products free to anywhere in America. Our reclaimed furniture is made from materials that helped build America. Time keeps moving forward, but the future doesn’t exist in a vacuum. We keep and utilize what worked in the past to build to the future.

Barn XO believes that same common sense logic should be applied to the chairs we sit on and the tables we sit at. We believe what is on trend can also be eco friendly. Reclaimed furniture has never been more popular than it is now. If you have ever seen this style in the home or office of a friend or family member, now is the time to buy a piece for yourself.

Unlike some other furniture stores out there, we aren’t sending you a box of plastic to put together yourself. Our craftsmen are going to use thick, solid metal and wood to make a piece of furniture that you can tell is built to last every time you touch it. We aren’t making wobbly tables or desks that frustrate you to no end while you waste a day assembling it yourself.

Barn XO is creating a work of art that also reduces landfill waste in the process. You’re going to feel good, rather than frustrated when your order arrives assembled and ready to be utilized for generations to come. Just as the materials we source were used by generations of Americans before us. No brainer. Join the Barn XO movement today.