We Dove in Head First So You Can Just Dip Your Toes In

Trying new things can be difficult and scary. We all want to join a new group or club, take up a new hobby, start a new habit, support a good cause, and so on. It is just as natural to want to try new things as it is to feel compelled to stay in our comfort zone. Hey, we get it. Barn XO is a family company after all. Like many of you, we leaned on our family to help us get moving in the right direction.

Maybe you’ve seen some viral videos about large amounts of plastic winding up in our oceans. Maybe you’ve seen social media posts about overflowing landfills across the world. Maybe you’ve heard news features about increasing negative effects of climate change here in America. Maybe you’ve worked in the retail or food industry and seen just how much waste is created and put in dumpsters every single day.

Sure many of us would love to start composting, growing our own food, and protesting polluters arm in arm with our friends and neighbors. Many of us also have responsibilities and obligations that our younger, more idealistic selves wouldn’t have imagined us having. We can’t all dive head first into the deep end of the environmental responsibility pool. But we can all take one small step forward.

Barn XO is a way for you to dip your toes into the water and see how it feels. The reclaimed furniture we make reduces landfill waste. How? By reusing and repurposing woods and metals from midwest barns that are being or have been torn down and otherwise would be headed for the dump. Purchasing one of our chairs or tables is a pragmatic first step in supporting waste reduction here at home.

Of course, there are more active ways to support the environment and we encourage all of our friends, family, fans, and customers to do their part. We think that when you bring a piece of reclaimed furniture into your home or office, it will help foster a desire to do more. Every great work begins with a first step. Barn XO would be honored if you dipped your toes into environmental responsibility by bringing our hand crafted, reclaimed furniture works into your home or office today.