What's Covered

Non-transferable limited lifetime starting 24 hours after the product is received. Warranted items include cracks that cause structural concern or defects that make the item unsuitable for use. We will substitute a like item or you may request a refund for the price paid for the original item (shipping charges not included). Customer is responsible for all shipping charges for the replacement item that is under warranty.

Barn xo will not pay for any inconvenience, displacement, potential loss of income, or any other claims besides replacing original item in the same condition as it was originally shipped.

*Warranty is void if item is improperly installed or cared for.

Not Covered

  • Wood movement
  • Operation that can be corrected with common installation practices.
  • Cosmetic defects that are common to reclaimed wood style
  • Minor joint cracks
  • Loose knots
  • Moisture damage
  • Humidity damage (i.e. from bathroom)
  • Temperature, moisture or climate swings
  • Sun damage
  • Any item built under 1 ½” thick with reclaimed lumber
  • Warping in plane of item under 3/8”
  • Application of any finishes or undesired results from any finishes

We here at Barn xo will not honor any other institutions, organizations or company's expressed or implied warranties or standards.