Barn XO – Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture

reclaimed barnwood furniture, tables and stools in an office setting

Barn XO makes high quality, handmade, reclaimed barn wood furniture.
We’re based in Chicago and ship nationwide.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture

At BarnXO, every product is made by hand in our wood shop in the Chicagoland area. We receive our old growth wood from barns all around the midwest. As barns age, their structures become compromised but the wood gains timeless characteristics. It’s what makes our product so unique. It’s all about the wood and the craftsmanship.

Old growth wood and industrial grade steel make our products resilient and incredibly durable. Our products are built with solid materials to last a lifetime. Whether in your home, restaurant, or office, we know you’ll love our products. Our products can be found in our own home and in the restaurants in our neighborhood.

We work 7 days a week to ensure timely delivery of your order. We love custom orders. Just send us a message with details on what you’re looking for.

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