DIY & Wholesale Reclaimed Wood

Bulk pricing for DYI and small businesses!

We salvage thousands of board feet every year which allows us to sell bundles of it to small businesses and the "do it yourself" customers. Additionally, all of our table legs are made in-house and can be sold in medium to large quanties.

For bulk pricing please see below, call us at (847) 514-4276, or email us at

Reclaimed Wood By The Bundle

All of our reclaimed wood is old-growth wood salvaged from century old barns, factories, warehouses, and mills. We offer Douglas Fir, White Oak, and Dark Walnut.

  • Minimum Bundle Amount - 1000 board feet
  • Douglas Fir - $8/board foot
  • White Oak - $10/board foot
  • Dark Walnut - $12/board foot

Table Legs Bulk Pricing

All of our table legs can be purchaced in bulk to recieve a discount.

  • 5-10 Sets - 10% OFF
  • 11-20 Sets - 15% OFF
  • More than 20 Sets - 20% OFF

Please Contact Us for bulk ordering.