Reclaim Your Desk, Revitalize Your Work

Doing your life’s work doesn’t require sitting at a desk all day every day. Take it from us, we prefer spending our days building each piece of reclaimed furniture step by step from start to finish. In the modern business world however, eventually you are going to need to sit at a desk in front of some kind of computer or to fill out some kind of paperwork. 

Whether your work space is in a house, apartment, office building, or skyscraper; a quality desk is the foundation of doing quality work. We here at Barn XO are big proponents of doing quality work. We are old school and proud of it so we believe in the age old adage quality over quantity. We would love it if one of our premium, reclaimed wooden desks became the foundation for your work life. 

In previous articles, we highlighted our chairs and benches that are made from reclaimed metal as well as wood. Those entry level items are ideal choices to get involved with the reclaimed furniture movement. So now that you’ve taken a look at the variety of seating options we offer, it’s time to bring that seat to your new desk. 

Our select, reclaimed desks are the next tier of products we offer. The type of desks that can take the look of your office and the quality of your work to the next level. Our range of desks go from smaller, simpler desks with hairpin legs that you can fit in multi purpose rooms to multisided L shaped desks for corner offices and conference rooms. 

Since everything we make is built to last, whether you need to put this desk in a quite office or in the middle of a warehouse, you can rest assured it can handle any wear and tear that the business grind might throw at it. As with all of our furniture, each desk can be customized to fit your needs. Just click on the Call Us tab at the top of this page and give us a ring. Together, we’ll reclaim your workspace, and design a desk to enhance your endeavors.