Humble Beginnings Built on Love and Family

It’s important to never forget where we came from. Just like many of you, Barn XO has humble beginnings. We began with just two people. Not looking to start a business or even make a dollar. Just two brothers who wanted to make a special gift for their mother.

Maybe we should have called ourselves Garage XO since we started in a garage. We think Barn XO sounds better. Barn XO isn’t just a name either. We aren’t a giant, faceless company that used focus groups to form our identity. Barn XO is a family business. The same two brothers who crafted a dining room table with love for their mom and working with their hands became a calling.

Using materials from century old barns in the midwest, Barn XO has grown thanks to quality and reliability. We would like to think that’s the right way to grow a business and we would like you to find out for yourself. All of our specialty, hand crafted pieces have a money back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied with your order.

Barn XO doesn’t have customers, we have friends, we have fans, we are family. Check our reviews for yourself. We believe in doing things the right way. Our growth over the last half decade reflects that. From two brothers in a garage, to a new 11,000 square food warehouse. Check back to find out when you’ll be able to visit us in person. We can’t wait to see you. For now, we can wait for you to join our family of fans who support our eco friendly, hand crafted, reclaimed furniture cause.